childcare training birmingham
childcare training birmingham

Why Employ An Apprentice?


Employing an Apprentice or offering work experience as part of a pre-apprenticeship programme has huge benefits to your business. One of the biggest benefits of running an apprenticeship scheme is that it helps create a dedicated, loyal workforce. The majority of apprentices are young school or college leavers, meaning that they have lots of energy with which to learn the ways of your business as you help them climb the career ladder within your organisation.
With today’s high unemployment hitting the UK’s young the hardest, they are looking to join companies that will invest in their training and development. Research by Populus, conducted for National Apprenticeship Week, shows that 80 per cent of employers questioned feel that apprenticeships reduce staff turnover, suggesting that Apprentices feel loyal to the company which trained them.
Training Apprentices produces workers with skills that are shaped into precisely the right people for the job, making them an asset to your company. Firms that employ Apprentices lower their recruitment costs because training staff is more cost-effective than hiring skilled staff.
There are also government grants that you may be able to access to help with wage contributions. Please refer to the Grants section for further information and eligibility criteria.
Sharing your knowledge as an employer and giving them an insight into how your business works is a great starting point for an Apprentice to learn the skills needed to progress in their career. You are not only helping them to gain a qualification but also teaching them life skills.


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