childcare training birmingham
childcare training birmingham

Employer Testimonials

Crackerjack Training“We have been using Crackerjack Training for around 10 years in both of our settings. We originally started using Crackerjack due to excellent recommendations from other childcare providers.
Crackerjack are immensely supportive with their apprentices offering them an encouraging learning environment where they can study and mature. Crackerjack will adapt the teaching and level of support towards the individual learner, even offering accompanied placements or limited hours to suit the individual. They liaise with the apprentice’s parents or carers to ensure that the students are equally supported at home. Crackerjack offer many incentives to maintain their students focus and motivation such as award evenings, raffles, facebook pages, presentations, healthy walks, counselling etc.
In addition to this, Crackerjack are enormously supportive of our setting. They keep us updated on the apprentice’s studies and are always available for discussion or meetings. They also offer annual Employer Engagement Events whereby Crackerjack inform us of any new legislation, costs and training which would impact on us.
As an outstanding setting we provide opportunities for apprentices to join us in order to share our knowledge and practice and for them to learn from us, grow in confidence and succeed in their chosen career.
We have gone on to employ many of our apprentices from Crackerjack who have matured to become valued practitioners who are an asset to our settings.”
J Southerton – Cheeky Monkeys – Edgbaston


“I have been working with Crackerjack Training for 3 years, and have been fortunate enough to have good quality apprentices with a good attitude to learning. Three have passed their level 3 whilst they have been with me and two have passed their level 2 in childcare. I have been in a position to take on two once they qualified. Thanks once again for the support you’ve offered me along the way.”
Anita Richards – Anita Richards Childcare Services

fitcap nurseryWe have been using Crackerjack for 5 years the communication and support we have receive has been outstanding all staff are approachable , friendly and knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble.
The apprentices we have enrolled have been professional and hardworking with positive attitudes and a willingness to learn.
As the director, I myself trained with Crackerjack and they have been very supportive in nurturing and supporting my ambition which has resulted in a total of three nurseries and an after-school club.
Both Fiona and Angela are only ever a phone call away if needed. You will struggle to find any training provider with such passion and high hopes for their students and employers.
Amanda Simkins (Director) at Little Explorers Nursery

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