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End Point Assessments

EPA DiagramSteps to Success

Apprenticeships have recently changed, with the introduction of End Point Assessments, and everyone at Crackerjack Training are there to support each Apprentice and employer through their journey. Below you will find information about the End Point Assessment and the important components of the Apprenticeship.

On and Off the Job training.

20% of off the job training is required for all Apprenticeships across all sectors. Off the job training is defined as learning which is undertaken outside of day to day work duties and leads towards the achievement of the apprenticeship. This training takes place within the apprentices normal (contracted) working hours. The 20 % off the job training provides the time to focus and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to achieve the Apprenticeship.

The off the job training must be directly relevant to your apprenticeship. Off the job training an happen at many locations such as the workplace, classroom at Crackerjack Training, distance learning.

On the job training is delivered by your employer. The employer will induct and supervise you in acquiring the skills needed to perform in your job. You will learn through policies and procedures, staff supervision, induction and training by your employer. You will also learn from your colleagues.

Completion of English and Maths.

If you hold a grade 4 or above in English and Maths, you will not need to do Functional skills you will be exempt from this and have the main qualification to focus on.

If you do not hold a grade 4, nor Functional Skills Level 2 you will need to complete these along side your Apprenticeship. The EFSA will funds this through your apprenticeship. At Crackerjack Training, we have designated Maths and English tutors who will facilitate teaching sessions and conduct assessments. Once you have received all the teaching sessions for you functional skills, sat your mock assessments, you will sit your functional Skill exam for both English and Maths. This must be done, completed and passed before you are entered for your EPA.

End Point Assessment.

End Point Assessment (EPA) for the Early Years Educator apprenticeship standard is a summative assessment for a learner to demonstrate their competency in the knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet their role requirements.

The EPA takes place once the learner has completed a portfolio of evidence for the Level 3 Early Years Educator, has achieved their Maths and English at level 2 (if required) and has successfully passed the level 3 award in paediatric first aid. Once the apprentice’s employer and Crackerjack Training are satisfied that the apprentice has achieved occupational competency then the gateway for the EPA will open.  The employer must provide at least two 20 minute observations of the apprentice in practice to evidence their competency.

EPA Components

EPA Triangle

Portfolio of Evidence

This includes up to 12 pieces of the apprentice’s assessments will be submitted by Crackerjack Training to the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) which the apprentice will be able to use during their professional discussion assessment.

Knowledge Test

This is an online multiple choice test and the learner has 60 minutes to compete this in. The test consists of 35 questions and the apprentice must achieve 23/30 in section A and pass all 5/5 questions in section B all of which is the safeguarding section.

Professional Discussion

The apprentice can have their 12-piece portfolio of evidence available during this assessment. This will be carried out remotely with an End Point Assessor from the independent organisation and the apprentice will be given 90 minutes to complete this assessment. The opportunity to achieve a pass or a distinction is available during this assessment which combined with a pass on the knowledge assessment would give an overall EPA grade of a distinction.

Preparing you for the End Point Assessment:

During the Apprenticeship, the learner will complete a portfolio of evidence to assess competency in units to achieve the Level 3 Early Years Educator. This portfolio will contain assessments including written assignments, questions and answers, direct observations and professional discussions undertaken with your allocated assessor, witness statements from the manager within the setting, work products and a child study all of which to evidence that the level set out in the occupational standard for the qualification has been met.

The Apprentice will receive taught sessions from an Early Years tutor, support within the workplace, and support from their allocated assessor. The Assessor will guide apprentice through their learning, and ensure that they meet the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to complete the portfolio of evidence and have full competency for the role of a nursery practitioner.

Preparation for the EPA will be throughout the qualification as learners will be encouraged to revise their knowledge and undertake discussions with their Assessor. As the apprentice approaches the end of their qualification, time to practise and really prepare for the EPA will begin. Crackerjack training will provide apprentices with mock exams and allocate time to practise the professional discussion with various Assessors to give a feel for the EPA so that they are prepared and confident. The apprentices completed portfolio will be mapped to 12 pieces of the learner’s assessments to evidence the knowledge, skills and behaviours. Learners will be encouraged to draw on their knowledge and experience to demonstrate their competency.

Can I retake my End Point Assessment if I don’t pass?

Yes. There is no limit on to how many times you can retake an End point assessment, however there will be cost involved to the employer for the resits.

Employer Involvement.

Throughout the Apprenticeship, Crackerjack Training will work alongside the employer, to help the apprentice progress through their journey. Employer involvement is a paramount. There will be bi-monthly reviews conducted, where all will agree and set targets for the upcoming 8 weeks, which will be the fulfilment of set targets for the qualification, but also it can be targets for your workplace behaviours. The Employer will also be required to observe the apprentice to evidence their competency towards the knowledge, skills and behaviours, full support will be given from Crackerjack training through this process.  Both the Employer and Crackerjack Training will agree the learner’s competency before opening the gateway for your End Point Assessment.

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