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Study Programme 3


What is a Study programme?

A study Programme is a full-time course, for learners age 16 -18, or 19+ with an Educational Health Care Plan, which aims to individualise all learner’s education and training experience, whilst enhancing an individual’s employment opportunity.
At Crackerjack Training, we have three levels of study programme. In each Study Programme you will complete a childcare qualification, Employability, Work experience within the childcare sector and English and Maths qualifications. All of our Study Programmes are full time.
All our study programmes are tailored to each individual learner. You will complete Maths and English qualifications / levels according to your prior qualifications and abilities – you will never repeat a qualification that you have already achieved.
Depending on what level study programme you undertake, will determine the duration of your programme. For learners that are on study programmes, you may be eligible for a discretionary bursary, Free Meals in Further Education or access to the vulnerable bursary. All of these have set eligibility, which can be found on our Bursary Application form also on the GOV.UK website and is set out by Educational and Skills Funding Agency. All learners upon enrolment will be given the Bursary Application form, once submitted with all necessary information you will be informed if you have met the set criteria for the claim. Please find the links for the bursaries and Free Meals in further education below:
Discretionary and Vulnerable bursary:
Free Meals further education:

Study Programme 3

Early Years Educator:
This qualification meets the needs of learners who want to work with children in a range of settings; such as Early Years Educator, Child minder, and Nursery Nurse. You will learn, develop and practise the skills required for employment, and career progression in the Early Years sector.
This qualification is based on children aged 0 – 5 years, and knowledge of development and impacts on development to children up to the age of 7.
At the end of this qualification, you must also complete Maths and English to at Least a level 2 Functional skill, or hold GCSE English and Maths grade 4- 9, to be counted in childcare ratio (this is planned into your learning timetable). Once this is completed you can decide weather you want to progress on to further / higher education or begin your employment career!
Work Experience
During this study programme, you will gain a range of work experience across the ages met in the qualification. This will help you gain the knowledge and skills required to plan activities, use statutory frameworks, and work with others to ensure that daily routines are met and adapted accordingly. Your assessor will observe you, at least 6 times throughout the qualification, as well as obtaining further evidence from the workplace peers and managers, to ensure you have successfully met the competencies needed to be an Early Years Educator.
English and Maths
Anyone aged 16 -18, or 19 + that hold a current Education Health care plan that achieved a GCSE grade 3 or Grade D GCSE in English and Maths will need to retake their GCSE in either (or both subjects ) this is a government requirement for programme funding.
Anyone that holds a GCSE grade 2 or lower will sit the relevant functional skill in each area. We currently offer Functional Skills from Entry level 2 – up to Functional skills level 2. Each learners’ prior attainment is considered, and Crackerjack Training will help you develop and reach the next stage. You will not re sit the same level of qualification.
In order, to fully complete this qualification, and be a full Early Years Educator, you need to hold GCSE English and Maths Grade 4-9, or a level 2 Functional Skill in both English and Maths. This course lasts for an academic year.
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