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Study Programme 1


What is a Study programme?

A study Programme is a full-time course, for learners age 16 -18, or 19+ with an Educational Health Care Plan, which aims to individualise all learner’s education and training experience, whilst enhancing an individual’s employment opportunity.
At Crackerjack Training, we have three levels of study programme. In each Study Programme you will complete a childcare qualification, Employability, Work experience within the childcare sector and English and Maths qualifications. All of our Study Programmes are full time.
All our study programmes are tailored to each individual learner. You will complete Maths and English qualifications / levels according to your prior qualifications and abilities – you will never repeat a qualification that you have already achieved.
Depending on what level study programme you undertake, will determine the duration of your programme. For learners that are on study programmes, you may be eligible for a discretionary bursary, Free Meals in Further Education or access to the vulnerable bursary. All of these have set eligibility, which can be found on our Bursary Application form also on the GOV.UK website and is set out by Educational and Skills Funding Agency. All learners upon enrolment will be given the Bursary Application form, once submitted with all necessary information you will be informed if you have met the set criteria for the claim. Please find the links for the bursaries and Free Meals in further education below:
Discretionary and Vulnerable bursary:
Free Meals further education:

Study Programme 1

Within this programme you will work towards the following:
Level 1 Certificate in introduction to Health, Social Care and Children’s Young Peoples Settings
This qualification is an excellent introductory qualification into the childcare industry. It is excellent for those that think Childcare maybe for them. It has ten units to complete, which most of them are very practical hands on activities, as well as written tasks to complete. You will learn about Safeguarding, Prevent, the importance of play, how to create set activities up to help support children’s development. You will explore all the areas of development and what impacts this.
In this programme you will have the opportunity to create activities, make resources and then use them in the setting, when you are working alongside the children.
Along this page you will see some of the activities that our level 1 study programme learners have took part in.
Level 1 Employability Award
The level 1 Employability Award is a qualification that will help you become more confident within a work setting. You will complete some work tasks, such as creating a CV, job searches and additional tasks. You will learn about the skills needed to find a job, how to prepare for an interview, and the behaviours needed to be successful. This qualification has written tasks to complete, as well as a short presentation. You will participate in interactive sessions, which consist of group activities, and role play.
Functional Skills / GCSE
Anyone aged 16 -18, or 19 + that hold a current Education Health care plan that achieved a GCSE grade 3 or Grade D GCSE in English and Maths will need to retake their GCSE in either (or both subjects ) this is a government requirement for programme funding.
Anyone that holds a GCSE grade 2 or lower will sit the relevant functional skill in each area. We currently offer Functional Skills from Entry level 2 – up to Functional skills level 2. Each learner’s prior attainment is considered, and Crackerjack Training will help you develop and reach the next stage. You will never re-sit the same level of qualification.
Work Experience
Under each of our Study Programmes, all learners will take part in work experience in a childcare setting during their qualification. For this to happen, each learner will have to undergo a DBS (police check). On enrolment, you will be asked for specific documents to bring in, and we will talk you though how to apply for this, there is no cost to you the learner or parents for this. We need the DBS to ensure that you can work in the childcare settings.
Once this comes back clear, and we have received notification on this, you will be allocated a work placement. You can help find the placement, or Chloe, our Employment Liaison Officer will find this for you. The work setting is invaluable, this will help you identify if the childcare industry is where you want to progress and develop, creating professional working relationships and meet unique children, in which you help them lean and explore.
The duration of this course is approximately 8 – 10 months. Duration of the course can depend on which combination on English and Maths you undertake (i.e. Undertaking both GCSE English and GCSE Maths may take longer as exam dates are set).
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