childcare training birmingham
childcare training birmingham

Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND)

At Crackerjack Training we pride ourselves on our inclusive practice, we value all young people, learners, and parents. We ensure that everyone is seen as individual with differing interests, knowledge, skills and needs. We are committed to creating a positive environment where everyone can access it and enjoy their learning.
We have an inclusive ethos and strive to increase the learning, participation and achievement of all those who access Crackerjack Training.
If you have an EHC plan, moving from school to another provider can be very daunting, but please be assured that all staff at Crackerjack Training are committed to make the transition as smooth as possible. You will be invited into the centre and you can visit as many times before you start, all at different times of the day, so that you can see what the environment is like, we will introduce you to your tutors and the rooms that you will have access. Any learning aids that you require will be available to you from your first day, and the tutor will be aware of what your needs, and any additional support, specialist equipment you require before you start.
We work closely with Young people, learners, parents, employers, Local authority and a wide range of external agencies to ensure that each individual learner receive the best learner experience and support.
We do this by:
• Cooperating with the local authorities on arrangements for children and young people with SEND
• Ensuring our best endeavours to admit a young person if Crackerjack Training is named in an EHCP
• Using our best endeavours to secure the special educational provision that the young person needs
• Work with agencies to ensure that the young persons holistic needs are continuously met, reviewed and adapted when required.
• Celebrate and promote achievement and success of all learners including SEND

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