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We are campaigning for the Government to reverse its decision that all Level 3 Early Years Educators (EYEs) must have at least a Grade C in GCSE English and maths to count in the ratios – with no equitable alternative at Level 2 such as Functional Skills allowed.

This catastrophic policy – introduced from September 2014 – will bite from this September, and will mean there will be a significant shortfall in the number of Level 3 EYEs. This threatens the quality of care that children will get in early years settings, and means childcare costs for parents will increase. It also puts at risk the Government’s manifesto pledge to give working parents 30 hours’ free childcare for their three- and four-year-olds.
We agree that English and maths are important for the childcare workforce – but Functional Skills in English and maths also provide staff with essential soft skills and must be accepted as an alternative for Level 3 EYEs.

Fraser Ingham, Director of Skillsfirst, gave his views on the matter;

“They may not have the academic focus of GCSE, but they give people the skills to operate confidently in work and life. In so many ways, they are more beneficial to a young person who has chosen a work-based-learning path”.


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Reinstate Functional Skills as an alternative to GCSE for the Level 3 EYE
Literacy and numeracy qualification requirements for level 3 Early Years Educator staff

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