Lauren FI started with Crackerjack Training on a Level 2 Traineeship programme and followed on to do a Level 3    Apprenticeship in Early Years Education. I chose Crackerjack Training because the Traineeship programme was shorter, meaning I would qualify sooner that I thought. It was also cheaper than going to uni.

All of my skills have developed since I have left school. I have improved my social skills a lot and my knowledge of childcare has extended. I am a lot more confident now too!

Crackerjack Training also helped me to study and pass GCSE Maths with a Grade C., which I didn’t get at school.

Crackerjack Training has supported me throughout my whole course—I can’t thank them enough! Whenever I needed help with assignments or activities, they helped me.

I have enjoyed working the most as it gave me hands on experience with working with children. I have really enjoyed it.



HalimahI have completed a Traineeship with Crackerjack Training and have progressed onto a Level 3 Apprenticeship. I chose Crackerjack Training because it was the only place I could find that suited me and did the course I wanted to do.

Since leaving secondary school, I have developed my confidence and ability to multi-task. I have also improved my planning and time keeping skills, getting assignments in on time without my tutor asking for them.

Crackerjack Training has supported me by encouraging me to progress onto a level 3 Apprenticeship after I completed the Traineeship programme.

I have really enjoyed having Linda as my tutor.



ScottI started at Crackerjack Training in 2014, when I enrolled to do the Level 2 Traineeship in Childcare. I chose Crackerjack Training as the classes were smaller than at a college and I was able to get more support from tutors.

I decided after the Traineeship that I wanted to progress onto the Level 3 Early Years Educator course and get a job as an  Apprentice, which Crackerjack helped me to achieve. I got lots of support with applying for jobs, as well as interview tips. I have been employed at a private nursery as a Level 3 Apprentice since May 2015.

Throughout the two courses that I have done with Crackerjack, I have learned lots about caring for children from 0-5 years old. I have also learned how to play and plan for child development.

Crackerjack has supported me with my work and any problems that I have had with my placement. I have enjoyed both courses that I have completed at Crackerjack Training and am grateful for the support of the staff.

I am now study towards a degree in Psychology and Health and Social Care at Birmingham University.


Lauren Toon

Before coming to Crackerjack Training I had just finished secondary school and was looking for a childcare placement.
So far at Crackerjack Training, I have completed the Level 1 Study Programme and the Level 2 Traineeship in Children and Young People’s Workforce. In these courses I have done vocational skills in English, Maths and ICT, First Aid and Food Hygiene. I am now working towards my Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Educator (EYE).
Since starting Crackerjack Training, I have received a lot of support. I was found a placement to attend alongside my qualifications. I have been given support by my tutors and assessor in work as well as any other issues that I may have in college and in my personal life. I have met new people whilst being on the course, who I have become friends with. I have also gained experience within a childcare setting and gained the knowledge to work with children.


Stacy Weaver

When I finished secondary school, I was looking for a childcare course that was best suited me. I joined the Level 1 Study Programme and have now progressed from Level 2 to Level 3. I started on Level 1 where I completed my First Aid, Food Hygiene, and Employability and joined a voluntary placement at a nursery for 6 weeks. At Level 2, I was employed at a Primary School and was working towards my Level 2 Certificate in Children and Young People’s Workforce.
Now I am completing my Level 3 Early Years Educator at the same Primary School. I have received support both inside and outside class from my tutors and assessor. I have been guided and given help when it has been needed. I have enjoyed making friends and building a relationship up with the Crackerjack Training team. I have enjoyed the amount of experience and knowledge I have gained. I feel that it has helped me to grow and mature as a person.